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In the deep forests of Norse mythology, an invisible thread weaves through the worlds, forged from the power and magic of runes. These ancient symbols are more than mere letters—they are keys to an almost forgotten realm, anchored in the time when the Norns, the guardians of the runes, wove the threads of fate. However, it was not a delicate weaving; rather, they cast timeless wisdom with their hands and carved enigmatic symbols with a magical quill into the ancient bark of the World Tree, Yggdrasil.

Carving runes into wood is an ancient art, more than just an artistic depiction. It is a spiritual act, inscribing the symbols into the living material to create a bridge between worlds. Through carving, not only is the wood shaped, but a connection is also established with the ancient forces that slumber within the runes.

In the old tales of Norse mythology, it is told of the nine days during which the All-Father Odin hung upon the World Tree. Through this sacrificial dedication, he gained knowledge of the secrets of the runes and their mystical significance. A sacrifice that reminds us that wisdom is often attained only through personal devotion.

The influence of the runes extends beyond mere external expression, reaching deep into our innermost being. They are more than just symbols; they are keys to the hidden forces of the universe. When we connect with the runes, we open the gates to ancient wisdom and a unique spiritual energy from our ancestors. They serve introspection and self-reflection. In the world of runes, the forces of past, present, and future flow together into a magical symbol. May every cut into wood, every deepened notch, be a journey to the roots of our existence, where the magic and medicine of the runes touch our souls and reveal the doors to a deeper and more holistic understanding of everything that surrounds us and of ourselves.

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Binderunen und Amulette


Runology transports us into the deep secrets of Norse mythology. In this enchanting world, our three personal runes are calculated, serving as a mirror to our inner being: the Star Rune, the Sun Rune, and the Moon Rune.

The Star Rune, also known as the Ancestral Rune, connects us with the wisdom and experiences of our forebears. It symbolizes the heritage passed down through generations, rooting us deeply in the past. This rune reveals the influences of those who came before us, teaching us to learn from and draw upon their wisdom.

The Sun Rune shines ever-present and radiant over our existence. It represents the here and now, the energy of the moment, and the force that drives us daily. Much like the sun that illuminates everything, the Sun Rune gives us the ability to recognize and understand our own essence.

The Moon Rune, on the other hand, carries the powers of our potential and destiny. It reflects the hidden self that unfolds throughout life—encompassing both its light and shadow aspects. Like the moon with its phases, the Moon Rune unveils the various facets of our personality and guides us towards our development.

From these three runes, a highly personal and unique Binding Rune is formed. It is as unique as your being and is meant to strengthen, accompany, and protect you on your path.

Runology offers a glimpse into this unique world of our ancestors' symbols. It is a first dip and touch, but above all, it is an invitation to delve deeper into the secret knowledge of the runes, to explore their meanings, and to connect with their magic. The runes are a powerful tool for introspection and for connecting with the forces of nature and our past.

Engaging with the runes allows one to discover the hidden treasures of the self and to recognize the threads of one's destiny. Just as a horoscope reveals the influence of the stars on our lives, Runology uncovers the deeper connections between us and the elements and forces of nature that surround us—it is an Earth medicine.

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